Olha quem eu consegui restaurar, @thedreia ! Purrrrrple reloaded! Esse bichinho já sobreviveu à água e já tem no mínimo 6 anos.


Minha parede tá enchendo de tanto amor…

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Outi, 35

“All my clothes are second hand. Classic vintage pieces never go out of style. Metallic materials inspire me.”

9 March 2013, Töölönkatu


Sanni, 18

“I’m wearing a jacket from Zara, a shirt from H&M, a second hand skirt and age-old boots.

Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom inspires me.”

22 April 2013, Mannerheimintie


Anna, 27

“The hat and the mittens are self-made, the 60s skiing jacket is second hand, the trousers are from a friend and the shoes from Italy.

Strong colours and strong prints are best. 40s movies never stop inspiring me.”

30 April 2013, Inarintie


Ida, 15

“I’m wearing my father’s hat, my mother’s old vest and my friend’s shirt.

Blogger Kayla Hadlington inspires me.”

10 May 2013, Keskuskatu


Jere, 19, Aada, 19

Jere: “Will Ferrell ja Will.i.am inspire me. Our hats are from Thailand.”

Aada: “I just dyed my hair blue so I wanted to wear something simple and black and compensate the new hair colour.”

11 May 2013, Suvilahti



“I’m wearing second hand and old Topshop shoes.

I like the colour green and collars – without them I feel naked. With collared shirts it’s easier to create layered looks.”

23 May 2013, School of Arts, Design and Architecture